Don’t Ask For Credit, Take It

My morning walks are a time for thinking, reflecting, and listening to audiobooks. I keep having ideas and thoughts I want to share with all of you so I have been recording newsletters and sending them to my VA.

This particular recording was inspired by a quote from the book I was listening to by a male author where he said, “Credit isn’t the point. Change is.”

My thought… Easy for a man to say! I blurted it out with all the attitude that you can imagine. But that was telling. It was a gut response.

I couldn’t help but think of all the women who didn’t get credit for their accomplishments. All the women who wrote under a pen name because a female author would not be taken seriously. All the women who to this day are talked over and not taking credit and therefore not given credit.

Now today is much better than in the past when many great women’s accomplishments were not credited such as Rosalind Franklin, Lise Meitner, and Margaret Keane. Don’t know these names? Not surprised, but they made remarkable discoveries, and men took credit for them. Rosalind Franklin actually discovered the double helix… We wouldn’t know this until after she died.

When people see your accomplishments, you will get more opportunities, you will increase your influence, you will get more done. You will advance faster, higher, and achieve more. Feel proud of what you have done. You can share the glory and credit others as well, but don’t hide from the spotlight.

I believe everyone should stand in and speak about their success. Whether that’s sharing it on social media, or including it in your email signature, you have every right to take credit.

Though it may be easy to blame men for not getting well-deserved credit, women – we must take responsibility for our part in the problem. Times have changed and we need to change our perspective as well. Don’t assume people will notice the good things you do. Highlight them, share them, don’t ask for credit, take it!

What are you excited about – share it with me or on social and tag me. I will amplify your accomplishments. Amplification is a great way for all to be a supporter, ally, and friend.

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