Ever Think You Have Nothing to Offer? Well… You’re Wrong!

This is my favorite topic! I am so passionate about giving (Success Accelerator #2). I believe to my core that living giving will dramatically impact your success.

But let’s be clear – this is not about giving to get something in return. People can smell a self-serving agenda a mile away.

Don’t leave people feeling manipulated and used. When you give, you create value for others. Put the relationship first and take the long view.

This is about giving without expectation, without a quid pro quo. Don’t worry – soon we will talk about asking for what you want because that is a critical piece. But for now, and for always – separate the two.

Here’s a quick video (less than 1 min) to show you have more to give than you might think.




P.S. I devoted a whole chapter to the Law of Giving in my book “The 11 Laws of Likability” – here it is, a gift from me to you. Click HERE to grab your copy!

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