For men Only: Do’s and Don’ts of interview attire

Appearances matter and not just for women. For all those men feeling neglected on the topic, here are some tips for getting it right for the interview.

Now you may not like this, but I recommend you plan your outfit at least three days before your interview, and try it on – head to toe.. This will avoid finding out the tie has a stain, the jacket no longer buttons or the shirt is wrinkled minutes before you want to walk out the door.

In corporate America, you have choices about what to wear, but there are still guidelines for appropriate dress. Remember, you want to fit in and appear as if you belong in the company’s culture. I’ve broken down certain rules of thumb in the Dress and Appearance for Men, in order to make things as clear as possible.

Clothes and Shoes ƒ

  • Wear a full suit or nice slacks and a coordinating jacket. Suits should be navy blue or black—avoid pinstripes, unless they’re very thin and muted.  ƒ
  • Wear a conservatively colored shirt, nothing crazy. A safe bet is to stick with white or pale blue.
  • Coordinate your tie with your suit. Splashes of color can be fine, but don’t go wild, and don’t wear loud patterns. Red is called the power color for a reason—it catches the eye and focuses attention on the wearer. Someone wise once said that a tidy $2 tie is always better than a rumpled $100 tie.
  • Wear clean, polished dress shoes, free of dirt and scuff marks. Shiny shoes are for weddings; invest in a pair of non-shiny black, cordovan, or dark-brown shoes. And make sure your socks match your shoes!

Accessories and Jewelry

  • Take studs out of visible piercings, and don’t wear flashy jewelry.
  • Wear a watch, something simple with a leather or metal band—it conveys efficiency and punctuality.
  • If you want to wear a flag or ribbon pin on your lapel, be aware that they may initiate conversations that you don’t want to have during the interview.

Hair, Nails, and Face

  • Facial hair should at the very least be neatly trimmed. Depending on the industry you’re pursuing, you may want to shave off your facial hair entirely if it will convey a better fit for the company’s culture.
  • Make sure nails are trimmed, neat, and clean.

A man’s appearance matters more than you think when it comes to being hired during a job interview. For more tips on nailing your resume and job interview, learn more at my website, dedicated to educating people on communication, clarity and connection

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