Forget quiet quitting try collaborative quitting


We’ve been hearing a lot of talk about quiet quitting, but what about collaborative quitting? Something I always say is…


“If you’re not happy at your job, don’t blame the company and don’t blame the boss, blame yourself.” Click to Tweet


Why? Because no one else can engage or motivate you. Those are internal intrinsic feelings and you have to find what is motivating or engaging to you about the place that you’re in.

Recently I was on Amy Landino’s podcast, Detail Therapy and she asked me about this quiet quitting thing. I said, this is nothing new. Rather, this is just a pretty phrase for disengagement, which, by the way, has cost organizations over $500 billion dollars a year for the last decade, or more.


Quiet quitting is just another way of saying phoning it in or disengaging or running out the clock until you can retire. Sometimes you need people who are quiet quitters that are just doing the job, don’t want to move up, but get the work done. In certain scenarios, that fulfills a role and it works for everyone. But when it doesn’t, that’s when I want you to think about a new term I’m coining called Collaborative Quitting. 


When the relationship is not working for the company or when it’s not working for the person, a Collaborative Quitting approach is best. Don’t just sit there disengaged or frustrated by your employee. Instead engage in a conversation about what the right move is.


I actually coached a client on how to help somebody collaboratively quit. (This was way better than saying you’re fired.) My client helped his employee realize that the role they were in wasn’t a fit for their skill set. Together they reviewed what the employee’s strengths and what roles might be a better fit for his interests and skills. The next step was a timeframe and a plan for his transition out of the organization and into a new role better suited for him. My client helped him look for the opportunity and was even a reference since the new role would be a great fit. That’s collaborative quitting.


It was a great conversation and you can have a listen HERE.


In fact, it was so great Amy and I decided to make it a regular thing on her show. Drum roll please… We are rolling out the Career Corner. We will field any topic related to managing, elevating or even changing your career, building relationships, dealing with difficult situations and more.You can send in questions to me or Amy via email on Insta or LinkedIn with the #CareerCorner and your topic may be our next conversation.

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