Good News For Introverts | You Can Be Introverted and a Networking Guru

Introverts usually think that making connections and building relationships is something that comes more naturally for extroverts. The average extrovert probably wouldn’t agree or disagree with this belief; the extrovert simply wouldn’t think about it, because extroverts are often too busy being themselves to stop and analyze what they are doing.

Contrary to what introverts might think, extroverts face their own challenges connecting, but for now, introverts should know that they can feel completely at ease in business and social situations too, and that being introverted can be a strength.

Introverts are often naturally equipped to initiate connections because they tend to be good listeners. If you are an introvert, the key is to listen to your own rhythms. Don’t try to emulate your wildly gregarious colleagues; instead, pay attention to what makes youcomfortable. Do you get tired after a long night of chitchat? It’s okay to leave a function on the early side, to connect with whomever you need to and then bow out before the shindig dies down.

When you are part of a group conversation, do you prefer to listen to others and only speak up when you have something to say? Then by all means, do just that, it’s entirely fine.

In terms of behaviors, if whatever you decide feels authentic and true then that’s okay to.

Just remember that it’s okay to be uncomfortable and vulnerable in situations where you aren’t feeling it. As an introvert, you’re in a realm where being extroverted is championed, but you know your own talents and skills. Now you know that you can network with the best of ‘em. What else do you have that the other guys don’t?

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