Guess What’s Changing?

Guess What's Changing

Change.  I view this as a slightly longer four letter word!

I admit it. I, like many of you, don’t like change. I buy classic furniture and keep it where it is in the room. It makes me feel settled.

I cringe when I recall my initial attempts at going from my beloved blackberry to an iPhone which I threw out of frustration, more than once!

Yep, change is hard and it is often not pretty but it is also constant and unavoidable. So what’s changing? Often everything. When we accept change and even embrace change, we can begin to reduce the stress of it and realize the benefits at a faster rate.

I was not a huge iPhone fan – but now I love it! I am faster than I ever was on my blackberry and the functionality is way beyond compare. So today, I wanted to share a way of thinking about change, handling change and taking advantage of it.

One of the three keys to enduring change is connecting to the situation that’s bringing on transition, and then working to understand it. Once you understand what’s going on around you, chances are you’ll start seeing some great opportunities.

The other two keys to enduring change? They’re available on my Success Shortie: Change Happens!

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