Meeting Friends In The Strangest Ways

Meet Hannah.

Hannah is a ‘very important’ fish at my son’s school.  Basically, if you’re nice in gym class, you get to take Hannah home with you… for two whole days!  You also get to take a picture with Hannah that hangs on a wall at the school for posterity. Hannah is as big a reward as you can get in this school and all the kids (including my son) clamor for the chance to have her.

A few months back, my son happened to be the lucky guardian of Hannah on the same day that he had a dentist appointment. While I was paying, my son handed Hannah to me and I absentmindedly placed her up on the receptionist’s desk while I fished around in my pocketbook for my wallet.

“Is that Hannah?” the receptionist asked smiling at us.

I couldn’t believe it.  “You know Hannah?” I asked. Being new to the whole ‘Hannah phenomenon,’ I’m sure my shock was visible all over my face.  As it turned out, she also had a son in Kindergarten at the same school and she was well acquainted with Hannah.  We shared a laugh over this odd connection and she told us about all the places Hannah had visited with her son.   We were having so much fun chatting and joking that my boys started dragging me out the door before I had even paid.

Since that day, we have developed a great friendship and have even worked on a few projects together at our son’s school. We would have both gone on with our days and our lives had she not said anything, but I’m glad she took the risk and asked about Hannah.  Both of our lives are so much richer now because she spoke up… not to mention the fact that she always squeezes my kids in to see the dentist when we need an appointment (thanks Hannah).

Can you remember a time when you let an opportunity like this pass you by, whether in business or your personal life?  We all have.  But you don’t have to; these kinds of opportunities can pop up anywhere, at any time.  Next time you see a connection… over anything…. take the chance and speak up.  You never know where or how you will meet your next friend.

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