How Do You Learn?

I got a Fitbit a year ago. I love it and I barely know how to use it. When we went abroad a few months later, I didn’t know how to change the time. So, I asked my tech-savvy husband to figure it out. He played around and magically the correct time appeared.

He looked at me and asked if I had ever just played around with the buttons. Nope! I like someone to show me how it works. I am an experiential learner. I learn by doing, sometimes by seeing, but not as effectively or easily by reading or listening.

To lessen my husband’s frustration with me, I suggested he send me a video if he wanted me to learn how to work something. He does. I watch and learn. It works!

How do you learn? Last month I shared what every leader says you should do every day. Do you remember what it was? Drumroll please… to invest in yourself every day. If you missed the blog post, you can check it out HERE.

Clearly, this is a concept I believe in and my work is all about enabling people to learn, grow, and evolve. Basically, I want you to be happier at work, as well as more productive, engaged, influential, and impactful. And you can be!

Learning feels good. Continuous learning, also known as constant learning, is the concept of always expanding your knowledge to gain new skills and expertise. There are so many ways to do this. Think about how you learn best. Do you prefer the one-on-one approach or group learning? Self-study or teacher-led?

I have worked directly with individual clients, teams, companies, universities, and government agencies. But I can’t reach everyone directly. So, I have also partnered with great organizations who share the mission including Skillsoft, LinkedIn, ATD, SHRM, HREN (Human Resources Education Network), and ACPEN (Accounting Continuing Professional Education Network) to get the content out.

Spring, is a time of renewal and the perfect time to invest in yourself. So, I thought I would make it easy with a promotion on the courses I offer through HREN and ACPEN. If your development isn’t compelling, these courses are also perfect for all the Human Resources, Accounting, Finance, and Insurance professionals who need the continuing education credits.

My webinars are all experiential, and you can even submit questions.

Here is a list of the courses I recorded during the pandemic – some fresh content!

Which topic would you like to be a part of your continuous learning today? Use code MTL20 for a 20% discount on any course this Spring.

My favorites are Connected Leadership and Working with Diverse Styles. Mainly because I want to see everyone grow their capacity to be relational, connected leaders, and learning how is the first step.

You can learn more here.

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