How Often Do You Ever Ask Yourself This Question?

Hi everyone!

What are you waiting for!? Yup, that’s the question I ask myself all too often when I am procrastinating about something. It is resonating with me right now since it’s that time of year that parents can’t wait for and kids dread — back to school. Check out my handsome boys ready for their first day of school. I was all smiles behind the camera!


I find myself waiting for them to go back to reengage my work. I guess my question is, is that really a bad thing? I have been reading about the concept of Productive Procrastination. Loving it! Somehow distractions and stalling are now good things? Well, it makes me feel so much better about a few things that I put on the back burner, specifically doing a TED Talk (more about that soon).

Here’s the trick: You have to start in order to stop. Research now shows that if you start a difficult task or project, especially one that requires some brain power, there are benefits to procrastinating. Apparently our brains are working in the background while we are doing other things. Ever have the ‘Eureka!’ moment where you figured something out you weren’t even working on? That’s productive procrastination at work.

So, if you have something that you are avoiding, don’t worry about finishing it — just get it started and then give yourself a break. Let your brain take over and see if productive procrastination works for you.


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