How To Hack Holiday Party Conversations

Right before Thanksgiving, my husband went to his first VP Conference in Shanghai. It was a big deal – he was with the leadership of the organization and hoteliers from across the world.

My husband, for those of you who don’t know, is naturally introverted. Over the years he has developed not just comfort, but skill in social settings. However, this trip was a little more intense of an environment, as he was also speaking on the main stage to this global audience.  With the stressful situation and jet lag, he found some of the conversation more of a struggle to manage.

He told me later that he knew all of the things he should have done, but it was a struggle to do them. Do you ever feel like that? Sometimes your energy is just not quite there. Or the environment just throws you off a bit?

I find that can happen a lot during the many holiday gatherings. We already have more on our plates than usual, and then we are hit with social occasion after social occasion. Sometimes we don’t know what to talk about at the company holiday party. So here are some tips to keep in your back pocket for those occasions:

1. Stay CuriousThis works over the holidays or any day. At this time of year it is easy to ask questions about their plans for the Holidays or something on their wish list. Self-disclosure helps extend a conversation, so don’t ask unless you’re willing to share your own.

2. Talk About Sales Of The SeasonShopping, shopping, shopping! It’s what everyone is talking about these days.  This applies even to the guys. My husband loves the cyber tech deals. Share the shopping app or fun deals that you have been hearing about.

3. Down TimeHopefully everyone is getting a little time off at the end of the year. Share what you are doing with your down time – vacations, staycations, etc. What is the one thing you are looking forward to this Holiday season?

These three tips will keep you from overthinking, and will have you enjoying the conversation.

Happy Holidays!

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