How to stand out this holiday season

The holidays are the perfect time of year to reconnect with people you have lost touch with. It is such an easy reason to reach out, eliminating that all too common excuse for not doing it.

You can reach out just to say hello and happy holidays or put yourself front of mind with a thoughtful gift.

I used to be a great gift giver. I remember surprising my husband with a new camera lens or the latest gaming system, thoroughly surprising him each time. I loved really thinking about what someone would want but wouldn’t get for themselves, or something I thought they could use but wouldn’t have thought of.

I have been hearing from old clients and friends as everyone is reemerging from the hibernation of the last two years. It was such a treat to hear from an old client and even more thrilling when she told me she wanted a bunch of copies of The Connector’s Advantage to give to her team for the holidays.

I said, “Let me make it special and customized for you!” So we came up with an inscription and I personalized and signed each book, put the TCA bookmark in each one, and then hand-delivered them over lunch.

She inspired me and I don’t want to stop. I want to offer this gift to everyone and anyone who’s interested. OK, so I can’t hand-deliver them to everyone, but I can personalize them and make your holiday gifts special. If you like the idea, just reply back and we will make it happen. I want to help you create an amazing, thoughtful, personal gift for your team.

Who do you know who can benefit from the ideas of The Connector’s Advantage? Do you have people who encompass the 7 Mindsets of a Connector:

  1. Open and accepting
  2. Clear vision
  3. Come from a place of abundance
  4. Come from a place of trust
  5. Are social and curious
  6. Are conscientious
  7. Have a generous spirit

Let’s connect and give them this gift of connection. Just email me – we’ll get on the phone and customize the order just for you and your team. I can’t wait to connect with you!

f you don’t have a whole team but want to give the gift of connection to one or two people in your life, we can do that too. Check out my book specials HERE.

I so look forward to the connections this holiday season brings you.

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