How to Stay Connected While Being Isolated

staying connected

Social distance doesn’t mean emotional distance.

It’s hard being closed off from others. I know with two kids, two dogs, and two parents working from home, everyone is a little snippy.

I am personally grateful for all those taking this seriously and practicing social distancing. It is hard for someone who believes that connection is key to health and happiness to say, “stay isolated”. But there is a difference between physical isolation and emotional isolation. Where the former is needed right now, the latter is absolutely not!

I have been heartened to see the many community posts about people offering to help others. Health care workers are coming out of retirement. Neighbors are offering to pick up groceries. I know I am talking to my parents and family a lot more frequently.

With all the fear and uncertainty these days, I need to shift my mindset. I look for wholesome news stories and take more time to call up with people I care about.

What is something you can do to stay connected to your family, friends and community? I have been doing tons of catch up and check in calls – just to say hello. What a great excuse to reach out. My college friends and I are doing a virtual happy hour on Zoom over the weekend – with the alcohol!

Let’s shift the terminology from social distancing to physical distancing. We can still be social. We are figuring out a new way of working, schooling and living right now. Let’s also discover new ways to connect! My son, for example, has discovered that you can play chess online and has a daily hangout with his friends at 4pm everyday.

Find ways to offer support for each other. Share words of encouragement. We may be physically isolated, but you don’t need to be emotionally isolated!

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