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keep it simple

A “keep it simple” newsletter I wrote before the sky fell, enjoy…

It’s New Years Resolution season! Do you struggle with sticking to your goals? A word from the wise? Keep it simple.

In a recent call with a speakers group that I’m a part of, we were discussing how we plan for the new year. People had a lot of interesting answers, from going up a mountain for two days to sit on a rock to contemplate, to gathering with their team to meticulously flip-chart their way through the weeks ahead.

Everyone has their own way of planning. For me, sticky notes are the answer.

I use sticky notes to write down my goals for the year, which I keep right in my desk drawer for easy access. I love this method because it’s simple and effective! Keeping it short, readable, and easy to come across helps with accountability and makes me remember to keep on the path toward meeting them.

It’s easy to incorporate the sticky-note method. Start by using your favorite color stickies, then break down your goals so they’re as succinct and specific as possible. Each goal should fit written onto a sticky note. Choose 4-5 to focus on. Picking too many goals might cause you to feel overwhelmed and discouraged, so it’s best to keep it simple and small.

Next, keep them visible! This way, your goals will always be at the top of your mind. and you’ll spend each day making small progress toward them. It’s amazing how effective this can be. When your goal is always in plain sight you’re much more motivated to work toward it, especially as you get closer and closer to success.

I hope you find success with sticky-notes. Let me know how it works for you!

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