Managing The Relationships In Your Life.

Hi everyone!

I have always thought that 13 was a lucky number. This is especially true for me today, since thirteen years ago today I married the most wonderful man. Happy Anniversary honey! (Let’s see if he reads this.)

My husband and I don’t fight. We occasionally get snippy with each other but nothing that actually gets us mad at one another.  You may find this odd, but for years, I missed fighting.

I thought something was missing. I could recall screaming matches with ex-boyfriends that always led to a better post-fight relationship. We fought, figured out the issue, solved it and were even closer.

It took me a while to realize that nothing was missing in my marriage. My husband and I keep growing because we figured out how to communicate without the anger or the fight.

You know from my past posts that I see the similarities in skills between parenthood and management. So it shouldn’t surprise you that I see the similarities in managing the relationship with your boss and the relationship with your spouse.

I contributed to this Forbes article on managing relationships with your boss and when I reread it, I realized that these tips are essential for managing any relationship in your life, business or personal. Any relationship is an opportunity – you get more out of it the more that you invest. Read the full article HERE. (Click HERE to tweet!)

Have you had difficulties managing your relationship with your boss? Did these tips help open up a door that you hadn’t thought of before? Click HERE to tweet this article.

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