Once a hero, ALWAYS a hero.

It was December 6th, 2011 when I had my first meeting at NBC. Fourteen months later, my book to help veterans reintegrate into the civilian workplace, Heroes Get Hired, hit the shelves – well the virtual shelves at least.

You see, we had this blue sky idea to make it FREE for all veterans and their spouses. And it is and always will be.

The entire experience was humbling from beginning to end. I have never served in the military. Nor do I have any immediate family members who have served. I had to learn from service members about the culture, the challenges, and the language. For example, I remember being corrected when I stated that the forward was written by Medal of Honor “winner” Colonel Jack Jacobs. I was told that you don’t win, you earn or are awarded.

I so appreciate all I was taught by the veterans and veteran organizations who contributed to the book. I honor them today, on Veteran’s Day, and everyday, for their service.

Veterans have a unique perspective and have so much valuable experience to share, they are an asset in the workplace. I had the opportunity to collaborate with a few veterans and hear their success stories in their own words. Including Sergeant, Tireak Tulloch…

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