One Risk That Always Pays Off

Hi everyone!

I opened my inbox one day to find a message from my publicist titled, “Interview Request.” In the middle of 12 other things I gave one eye over to scan the email and then I imagine my eyes popped out of my head like a cartoon character fro the 70’s.

Irene had casually written, “Hi! I assume you would like to do an interview with Entrepreneur Magazine, yes?”

…Um, yes!!!

I was thrilled about the opportunity and couldn’t wait to connect with Stephen Bronner. I reached out immediately.

When the time finally came for the interview, I was excited but also hesitant. In his email Stephen said, “I’m working on a story about psychological tricks to get people to like you.” And of course, that was his first question.

Great, let’s get the elephant out of the way, I thought. I explained I was actually concerned about the title as tricks are not what I promote. I further explained,

“You can’t make anybody like you, but you can enable people to see what is likable about you.” (Tweet this!!)

I continued to explain, “A lot of these things are not necessarily tricks that are meant to manipulate and deceive, but they’re honest ways we connect and make others feel good.”

To my surprise, the response I received from Stephen was enthusiastic. He asked me to repeat it so he could capture it exactly and then said, “You just gave me my opening quote.”

I casually said, “Great,” while inside I was jumping for joy. The rest of the interview flowed and he ended up quoting me over a half a dozen times. You can check out the full article here.

Here’s my takeaway – stay true to yourself and your beliefs. Don’t tamp with your thinking to fit into someone else’s image of how it should be. I was scared to take this risk as I may have lost the opportunity to be in Entrepreneur Magazine. But at the end of the day, I wouldn’t want my work portrayed as tricks so I had to speak up.

It all worked out this time and even if it didn’t – it really would have either way.

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