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4 Surprisingly Simple Twitter Tactics to Spark Action and Engage Your Followers

I love Twitter… now.

Before I started tweeting I didn’t understand it, had no desire to learn about it and felt no need to do it… until my publisher said I had to. And I’m so glad they did. It’s short, sweet and to the point and it’s a great way to keep a dialogue going with all your contacts at once. The best part, though, (I think) is that the connections you make via twitter are ones you are less likely to make any other way.

Take Dean Demellweek (@brandingguy), for example. Dean contacted me on Twitter and we started some brief back-and-forth’s. Those tweets eventually grew into a relationship… and a free coaching session with me for his wife when she won one of my contests. In all honesty, though, had Dean tried to call me to make that initial connection, this story probably would have turned out differently. I wouldn’t have made the time to call him back. But Twitter was so fast and easy and accessible. With only 140 characters or less, how could I not make time? Today, we are going to discuss how you can do the same thing – inspire action and build relationships in 140 characters or less.

Before we jump into Twitter strategies, though, let’s first find out what all the Twitter chatter is about. The whole point of Twitter is to post micro-messages. Whether you were just offered your dream job or want to comment on a current event, Twitter serves as an instant announcement forum for whatever you wish to share. One cool thing about Twitter is you can keep your network closed or leave it open. An open network allows you to join in on different conversations you are interested in and also gives others easy access to you.

Now, let’s look at the strategies that will get your name bouncing around the Twitter-sphere:

Informational Tweets

Have you come across any new statistics, research reports or news articles that your network might find interesting? Share what you know and be generous with your knowledge. People respond to authentic generosity and it gives you a chance to shine as the expert.

Invitational Tweets

Let your followers know what you are up to. Tell them about upcoming events you are attending or hosting. And don’t forget to let your network know if you found the event helpful afterwards… or even during if you have time.

Interactive Tweets

Ask for recommendations and opinions. For example, if you are travelling to a new city for business, ask if anyone can suggest a good restaurant or hotel. Creating a dialogue is a great way to deepen relationships and this gives others the opportunity to be helpful, which makes most people feel good (remember The Law of Mood Memory!).


Retweeting is similar to ‘forwarding’ an email. You basically copy and paste other people’s tweets and send them out to your followers. Some good retweeting options are links to an interesting article, breaking news, announcements and tweets you find interesting.

Have you found any other ways to use Twitter to strengthen your business network?Tweet me your own personal Twitter tactics at @mtlederman!

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