Sometimes the answer to your problem is right in front of you

I admit it, my partner Lou came up with that subject line, but I loved it!


It made me think about all the times that what is obvious to the rest of the world is something we just don’t see for ourselves. Just one more reason we created the Connected Leader Club. Sometimes we need those around us to open our eyes to what it is we are not seeing.


In a funny way, that is how Lou and I got together. Last summer the two of us attended a conference run by the organization where we met in the first place.  Always happy to see a friendly face in the sea of people, we did the usual “catch up chat” when we ran into one another.


I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that both of us were experiencing a similar feeling and frustration. We both serve a similar audience, and I was feeling unsettled by (Lou downright said he hated) the idea that we couldn’t say yes to all those asking for and needing the coaching and training we provide to help people and people leaders thrive from the power of connection.


I mentioned attending a specific breakout session focused on partnerships, thinking that may be the answer to serving a wider audience.


Lou was thinking of attending the same session and flippantly said, “The Lou and Michelle show!”


OMG – there it was, right in front of my face! I turned to him, knowing he was probably joking in that moment and said, “let’s have a conversation.”


We went for a walk and continued talking. An hour later, the vision was shared, the idea was solidified, and our new partnership was born.


That was the inception of our Connected Leader Club (CLC) and the combining of our connecting “twin powers.”


The CLC is:

  • a place where aspiring leaders can have direct access to expert coaches, exclusive content, and industry thought leaders.
  • a private community for visionaries and driven professionals to share resources, mastermind, and peer coach like-minded leaders.
  • a robust, cohort learning experience to launch future connected leaders in just 8 weeks.


Isn’t it ironic, two people that focus on helping other people connect just needed one conversation to bring it all together?


Want to learn more? Join our free webinar on Friday, March 15th where we’ll share more about the Connected Leader Course and Club as well as provide some special promotions and discounts to the CLC.


Sign up now and get Connected today!


Michelle Tillis Lederman and Lou Diamond

Founders of the Connected Leader Club

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