Starting something new is hard!

can’t live without my iPhone. I love the functionality and how efficient it can make some communications. But I will never forget, rather my husband never lets me forget, when I first got one. I HATED it! I loved my blackberry and the tactical feedback I got from the keyboard. I was good at it. I was used to it. I actually got so frustrated attempting to type on my new device that I threw it on the floor. Fortunately, it was carpeted 😊.


Trying something new is hard. Change is hard. Not being good at something is hard! For those out there who pride themselves on what they do well, and being good at their job, it is even harder.


When I am feeling that way, I remind myself of a quote shared with me… “When things are getting easier, you are probably going downhill.”


When things are hard, it reminds me that I am stretching myself, growing, and learning. It also helps to have someone to do the hard things with, to keep you motivated, and accountable. That’s what The Connected Leader Course & Club is all about.


Last Friday we officially launched! We held an information session to share the vision, the content, and a special offer.


Did you miss it?


Not to worry, we are going to do it again. You have to register to get the recording and the special offer to join the Spring Cohort.


Want to continue to challenge yourself, develop yourself, and do it while building an amazing community of peer coaches and accountability partners? Join the next informational webinar on April 4th at 1pm EST to learn more about The Connected Leader Course & Club


Register HERE.

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