Success Shortie Video: 3 Steps to Win Over That Coworker Out to Get You


Tough viewer question this week. She wrote, “I am a senior manager and I can see that another senior manager on my team is threatened by me. I rise above this, however I can feel his knives in my back. What advice could you give?”

This is a challenging environment to be in – but you can control how you respond in these situations! This problem is often less about you and more about them. You can turn it around by following three simple steps to shift your coworker’s view of you. Let’s listen to today’s Success Shortie to learn what they are!

Have you ever had a conflict similar to this in your workplace? How did you deal with it? Make sure to keep the comments and questions coming. Post your comment under the video on YouTube. If you like the video, don’t forget to click the thumbs up. Click HERE to tweet this Shortie!


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