Success Shortie: How To Disagree Diplomatically

Opinions are good! So are differences in opinion — if they can be shared diplomatically.

Different opinions broaden our perspective and enable us to look at things from a new angle. Reaping the rewards of inclusive problem solving and decision-making can only be reaped if you communicate that difference effectively.

How we share that difference of opinion can open up or shut down the conversation. Commonly, we agree and counter. That often sounds like, “Yes, but…” Or we disagree and dismiss with, “you’re wrong. What we should do is…”

Most of us don’t realize that we are doing this because during the conversation we are focused on our opinion, not how we are going to deliver it. But the other person in the conversation is going to be far more likely to receive your opinion if you handle the transition well.

Next time try the  acknowledge and add tactic which I explain in this Success Shortie. When you implement this approach, you do not dismiss, offend or shut the other person down. You also don’t agree. You simply add.

Learn more about the acknowledge and add technique and hear examples of ways to phrase it in my Success Shortie: How to Disagree Diplomatically.

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