Success Shortie: The Trick to Getting More Done

need more

One thing that we feel there is never enough of is time. We always seem to need more. Is there a way? What’s the trick?

As a result, we are constantly stopping and starting and running around trying to get it all done. And you may be under the delusion that multi-tasking is the key to success.

I get it and am often guilty of it. However, multi-tasking on brain work actually reduces efficiency. Multi-tasking leaves you constantly divided. Nothing ever gets your full focus, so you are never at your best. You are constantly a watered-down version of yourself.

There is a big difference between multi-tasking and being efficient.

The trick to efficiency is to find the underused time of the day or week, or that dead time when you can’t get anything real done.

For example, I filmed this Success Shortie: Multi-Tasking vs. Efficiency while stuck at a train station. I had an hour to kill, so I made good use of it. That is efficiency.

Multi-tasking doesn’t make us efficient. It can often get in the way! Learn more about the difference in this Success Shortie. Listen for the whole 75 seconds for an important warning at the end.

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