Success Shortie Video: Vulnerability Leads to Credibility

Hi everyone!

I surprised myself when I shared in my last note to you how closed off I used to be and about the moment when I started to take a chance and open up. That brings us to another saying that made me incredibly uncomfortable, at first.

When I heard the phrase, “Vulnerability leads to credibility,” it literally made me feel nauseous. Vulnerability? Yuck! My motto was “Never let them see you sweat.” And I nurtured the large chip on my shoulder.

It took someone else to make me realize it wasn’t working for me. So perhaps I can do that for someone else because I bet you it is not working for you either. Listen to today’s Success Shortie to find out how to embrace vulnerability – and become a better leader because of it!

Are you afraid of vulnerability? Do you feel ready to take the first step toward opening up? Tell me what step you are taking. Sharing is being vulnerable.

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