Success Shortie: What To Do After The Interview

There’s one important thing that nobody tells you about interviewing: The end of the interview is not the end!

If you’re already sending a thank-you email after an interview, or a hand-written letter a week later as a follow-up, that’s great.

But what if you didn’t get the job?

It’s still not the end of the interview. It’s an opportunity to ask for feedback. Find out why you weren’t chosen. Perhaps the reason wasn’t skill or fit, there was just a better candidate. Who are they looking for in that position?

But why do all of this if you already didn’t get the job? Maybe there is a different position in the company that is a better fit. They can pass your name along. If you may know someone who would be a perfect fit for that job; make an introduction. The next time that person knows of an opening somewhere, guess who they’re going to think of?

Even if you don’t get the job; get the relationship. It is often more valuable in the long run.

Life is a cycle – you get out of it what you put into it. It may feel devastating to not get the job, but by asking for feedback, referring someone who would be a great fit, or building your relationships and network with that employer, you’re setting yourself up to be their next referral.

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