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New Year and Looking for a New Job – 3 Things to do NOW

A new year and a new you sometimes means a new job. That’s the case for my fantastic former marketing manager, who decided to go back to full-time work in

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Self-Investment Is The Best Investment

In the past, I’ve talked about investing in ourselves and our careers. Whether you are focused on learning a new skill, expanding your connections or upping your knowledge through training

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What’s The Point Of Social Media?

Do you spend too much brain power on your social media strategy? Do you ask yourself questions like… what platforms should I be on? How often should I post? What hashtags

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The Upside To Risk

I admit it, I am risk averse, at least with my finances. Those who know me would say the opposite in most other aspects of my list. I have jumped

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How To Get Coaching- For Free!

Last week was about figuring out if you are really ready for coaching, and how to choose a coach if you are ready.  This week is about when you want it,

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3 Questions to Ask Before You Hire A Coach

I am constantly being asked, “Should I hire a coach?” … and my response is often to talk people out of it. I know — I am a coach. Why would I

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How to Take The Work Out Of Networking

I love when I get questions from my readers. This is a reply I received to one of my recent newsletters: “I always plan to network more but the opportunities do not

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Stay on top of peoples minds

How to Stay in Someone’s Mind Without Getting in Their Face

You just made a great connection at a networking event. You feel that ‘burden to meet someone’ lift from your shoulders and decide to relax with a drink at the

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Navigating Networking: It’s All in the ‘Approach’

Event-based Networking Strategies I am often asked by introverts how to approach new people at events. Some people view this activity as exhausting while others avoid it at all costs. Being

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