work life balance

What do you value?

I’m still listening to the book, “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***.” Even though I was completely turned off within the first chapter, I was able to realize that

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Relationship with work

What’s your relationship with work?

People inspire me. They talk. I listen. Then something I hear just sparks me thinking. I jot down that phrase or concept in my newsletter ideas list. I did that

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Do Companies Forget About The Working Dads?

The world is changing and slowly but surely, companies are following suit. One area where this is apparent is with working dads. I love hearing about all the new programs

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Working Moms: Three Ways to Achieve Your Ideal

It wasn’t motherhood that changed my career. It was actually the idea of motherhood that set me on a new path. (Click to Tweet) After spending a rather unfulfilling decade

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