Do Companies Forget About The Working Dads?

The world is changing and slowly but surely, companies are following suit. One area where this is apparent is with working dads.

I love hearing about all the new programs that enable working moms to both work and be a new mom. Companies are offering paid time off, flexible schedules, on-site daycare, breastfeeding areas and family care benefits. But some companies are taking it even further and offering things like:

Lactation Support
Where companies will ship breast milk for nursing mothers who are travelling.

Maternity Concierge Services
A designated concierge helps manage everything that has to do with being a new mother, from decor to diapers to laundry services.

Peer Support Groups
This one speaks for itself and was how I made my first mommy friends.

On- and Off-Ramp Programs
These programs help the transition from working to maternity leave and back again. Amazon has a program called Ramp Back Program that gives mothers an opportunity to ease back into working with part-time options.

This is all great news for working moms. But what about the working dads?

Today’s dads are more involved than ever. Though that is the way it should be, it isn’t the way it always has been. It is great to be sharing the class parenting, chaperoning, and playdate coordinating conversations with the dad’s as much as the moms.

I feel so lucky that my kids have a dad who wants to be at every off key school concert, soccer game, and birthday party. Though companies are making strides with flexibility and opportunity for moms, are they doing the same for dads?

Dads who are working hard in their jobs and making a big effort to spend time with their children are struggling to find the same work life balance opportunities afforded to mothers.
Can we change the work landscape to accommodate dads like we have for moms?

The answer is YES! Changes are starting to happen. Some companies offer paternity leave and flexible hours. Let’s keep the motion going, and give our new parents they support they need.

I applaud the dads for getting creative to incorporate their kids into their work. When I was a kid my dad would drive me around and teach me about real estate. I can identify most types of houses. My husband had a similar experience sitting in his dad’s office as a kid during tax season. Now I watch my husband and my boys take apart computers and see how they work.

It doesn’t matter what you’re learning, the process is the same. We learn by watching our parents. What are you teaching your kids?

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