THIS means so much to me

writing to share

I write for a lot of reasons. Sometimes to capture a thought or an idea. Sometimes to vent and never send. Most often, I write to share, to educate, and to impact others in a positive way.

During the past several months I have been writing more than usual and you have been responding. Thank you for that! I can’t tell you how much it means to get a reply on one of my emails like this one:

“I always enjoy your letters and find them insightful. Today was special. I think I needed the reminder more than usual and it struck a particularly positive chord for me this morning.”

And this one:

“I appreciate today’s comments and you sharing ideas from Chapter 4 of your book. These are concepts I will be talking about with my Toastmasters clubs because they are having difficulty with all of the very human weaknesses you mentioned.  Thank you for pointing the way for us to be connectors who don’t jump to conclusions.”

And this one from last week:

“Totally agree with both your sentiment and your proposed solution…be authentic, be specific and be interested.”

Knowing you are reading means the world. I want to get these ideas out even more broadly and know people are reading. And I found a platform to do it.

One of my groups recently shared about a platform for content called Medium. The benefit of being in a community of writers. I love these groups for sharing resources and learning from others working on similar goals. Besides for being a great way to connect and stay connected.

Taking the advice of my peers, I have decided to embrace Medium as an additional way I can share content and information and see how far the content reaches. I am proud to say that I now have my own column!

I have just published my first post about how I respond to being underestimated and how I use it to my advantage to surprise others and exceed their expectations. You can read the full article here.

I would appreciate you checking out my column, reading the article, clapping if you like it and helping me kick off spreading the content further. Don’t forget to follow me on Medium to get notified when I publish new articles!

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