Success Shortie Video: Tips for Introverts

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Here is this week’s Success Shortie.

I can’t count how many introverts have come up to me claiming they are not good at networking because they are a “Capital I” meaning very introverted in their style. I sometimes want to shake them and tell them why they are actually more naturally suited for networking than us extroverts.  The most important fact is that we need to build relationships the way it works for us – not the way we think it should look.

Listen to this week’s video for some specific networking tips geared to the introverts out there.

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5 thoughts on “Success Shortie Video: Tips for Introverts

  1. Thanks, Michelle. Great tips! Love the idea of playing to my strengths. Thanks for the encouragement.

    Sandy LePere

  2. I like “work the desk.” The best job I’ve had, in terms of developing my social skills, was working in a bowling alley for about 18 months. I got in the habit of greeting every customer who walked in the door — the boss didn’t order me to, but I just took it upon myself to say “how ya doin'” to each person. That was 13 years ago, and I still find myself greeting strangers much more readily than before I worked at the lanes!

    1. Urbie – that is a great habit! Living in NYC for years, I found myself doing it less. Thanks for the reminder.

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