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The last but definitely not least (Success Accelerator #5) is simply … ASK. You have to ask for what you want, you cannot expect people to read your mind.

Be ready with a couple ideas of what would help you achieve your goals. Also factor in the person’s ability to help and the relationship you’ve developed. (Hint: Don’t ask a new manager you met once a year ago to get you a meeting with the CEO).

Asking enables someone else to be the giver. It allows them to experience the value they have to offer. If you’ve put the relationship first, it feels great for both of you – to help and be helped.

Here’s a video (

To make it easier and more likely to get results, check out my blog post on 5 Ways to Ask for What You Want.

Now, to tie everything together so far, here’s my 5 Simple Success Accelerators Report again with a special companion 5SSA Resource Library with links to ALL the goodies I gave you along the way (podcasts, blogs, .pdfs and videos).




P.S. I hope my 5 Secret Success Accelerators were valuable. I’d love to hear what you think. Let me know which were your favorites and which weren’t. Let’s stay connected.

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