What Are You Hiding?

Over the Holidays of 2017, I took my kids to see Wicked. If you haven’t seen it, I would highly recommend it. We loved it!

Spoiler alert… During Wicked, it is revealed that the all-powerful wizard was just a regular guy behind a curtain. Ever feel like people don’t know what’s behind the curtain for you?

In my head, I feel like I live in front of the curtain — or, at least I know I intend to. But the truth is, we all have things hidden. There are people who I see and think, “They really have it all together.”

Then I remember there are people who think that of me. People have actually told me what my life looks like from the outside. In my opinion, nobody has it ALL together.

That is not to minimize all the great things that that person you think ‘has it all’ has going on. It is just to remind us that we present what we are comfortable sharing and keep the most personal bits behind our figurative curtain.

Sometimes I think about how I would like to peek behind their curtain and remind myself that they are a normal person, just like me.

We never really know what struggles another person is going through, but we do know that we all have struggles. Some days they are small, like today when my sitter called in sick. Other times they are huge, like in 2017, when my son was sick for months.

I seek to find the balance between allowing things to impact my professional presence, and also letting people in to see the rest of what my life looks like. Probably not that different from yours.

It’s always helpful to remember that we are viewing the world, and the people in it, from our own perspective. (Click HERE to Tweet!)

People don’t always see us the way that we really are in our whole lives. And we are always seeing just a glimpse into the lives of those around us. Perhaps we can let a few more people see behind the curtain and open up our lives to more understanding.

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