Want To Help Veterans? Here’s How…

I always say there are many ways to grab attention when presenting information, and statistics are one of my favorite techniques. It certainly worked on me when I heard this statistic 5 years ago…

Over the next 5 years, one million service members would be transitioning back into the workplace. One million. 

The statistic stayed in my mind and I wanted to help. So I did, in the best way I know how… I wrote a book. My blue sky idea was to make it FREE for veterans and their spouses. And it is!

Heroes Get Hired was an amazing collaboration that combined one of my clients, Citibank, as a sponsor, several existing veteran programs, and NBC.

Now, years later on Veterans day, I continue to help support our service members in their transition. I teach in an Executive Education capacity  for Rutger’s Veteran programming and we recently recorded a few videos after a class.

Here is a Success Shortie about one thing Veterans can do right now to prepare for the transition. And for us civilians, we can help too, listen and find out how.

Today there are still a staggering amount of veterans seeking to reenter the civilian work force. Share these resources with the veterans in your life.

3 thoughts on “Want To Help Veterans? Here’s How…

  1. Hello Michelle,
    I had the privilege of growing up in a military family. My father served for 30 years in the Army and fought in three wars. I am very interested in giving back and helping veterans.

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