A Simple Idea For Dealing With Difficult Coworkers.

Hi everyone! It is not always realistic to think you are going to get along with everyone you work with. That’s okay. Relationships can be tricky — clashing personalities are normal, and perhaps a certain coworker has already come to mind for you. You don’t have to be BFF’s. You do have to find a way to work productively together with your difficult coworkers.

In this Success Shortie, I want to give you a tool that will help you stop butting heads and start making progress in your relationship. Watch this week’s Shortie to learn how to stimulate a different response from a troublesome alliance — it all starts with you!

How will you handle this challenge? What do you plan to do to change your expectations and fill a different role in the dynamic? Don’t let your difficult coworkers get you down. Click HERE to Tweet this Shortie!

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