An extra reason to reach out

EXTRA EXTRA! My book club for The Connector’s Advantage is available now!

Whether you find connecting easy or hard, or just need some connecting after this long time holed up at home, it is now the perfect time to start reconnecting. Some people have said they feel like they have forgotten how. Many have asked me how to make new connections when everything is still virtual. I get it!

If I can share one piece of advice on making that initial reach-out to someone you want to connect with it’s this – figure out how to add value. One of my three favorite ways – an admittedly, my favorite way this week, is to INVITE them to something. And guess what, I’ve got the perfect thing for you to invite them to, and three unique ways to do it!

  • Join the maiden voyage of The Connector’s Advantage book club Wednesday, July 1st. This will be a group coming together to dive deeper into, discuss, and CONNECT over the information in the book. I’m so excited for all of the old and new connections that will be enhanced from this group. Register for the book club, then send an invitation to someone you want to build or strengthen a relationship with. Even if they don’t join you, it gave you a great reason to reach out. But I hope they join. I’ll even make it easy for you – cut and paste this post: “I am so excited to be part of @MichelleTillisLederman ‘s book club for The Connector’s Advantage. I hope you can join me and we can keep connecting. Here is the link to register”
  • Suggest hosting a book club to the group, organization, or community that you and your person share. Is this person a new co-worker? A connection you made at a local event? A colleague within your realm of business or work? Find the powers-that-be in the community you both belong to and suggest they host their own book club that you and your connection can be a part of. For example, a bank recently reached out to me and will be hosting a book club for their women’s group, so I will be helping them set up their own private platform for them AND interacting with their group.
  • Become a host of your own book club! This will allow you to not only invite that one person you want to connect with but ALL the people you want to build strong connections with. CLICK HERE to fill out the host form and be sure to select The Connector’s Advantage from the list (near the bottom) to create your own private book club. If your group gets big enough I’ll help manage it, create discussions, and even do a private Q&A session for you, something I’m looking the most forward to in all of this.

Bottom line, your time is valuable and the time you spend investing in others is valuable. Don’t devalue yourself by passing on reaching out to the people you want to connect with. Seize this opportunity to connect!

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