Do you know when your way is NOT the best way?

We know a good leader when we see one. They take responsibility, make changes as needed, and step up for their team when times are tough. We all want to be that leader.

How do we be that leader? I’ll tell you right now the core of the strongest leaders: just because you’re the boss, doesn’t make you right.

Being the best connector and building a great work culture requires you to realize you yourself, as well as the collective you, can always seek to be better.

In leadership positions, I find many of my clients get caught up in their own way of thinking. They’ve made it this far on their own sets of processes and procedures, so why change? The “it’s worked so far” thinking prevails and we close ourselves off to adapting to those around us.

In a recent coaching session, a client was telling me about a situation she was currently in that needed a solution. As she was sharing the details and her ideas I said to her, “It sounds like you think your way is the best way.” She responded, surprised, “Doesn’t everyone think their way is the best way?!”

Sure… but you can’t let your own ego, preference, and comfort zone lock you into a place of not being able to recognize a better way of doing things. You and your team want to run as effectively as possible, right? Often the person closest to the work has the best idea on how to make that work more efficient. Being able to connect with your team can only help you.

Staying open to change will always give you an edge. When you keep your mind open to innovation, you’ll be able to bring your team to new heights. In The Connector’s Advantage, the first mindset of a Connector is to be Open & Accepting. This openness is also about being open to being wrong as well. Be curious about other solutions. Leave your mind open to ideas.

In The Connector’s Advantage, I share the importance of awareness in authentic communication in order to be the best connector possible. It’s being able to hear out other strategies and instead of pushing back with resistance, it’s embracing it with introspection. Ask yourself:

What do I know?
How can I interpret that perspective?
Am I wrong or am I trying to be right?

In the end, innovating is never personal. It’s not about right or wrong, it’s about the efficacy and, of course, relationship.

An incredible leader is someone that doesn’t let their ego keep their team from being great. They’re okay with not always being right because you know your team will always be inspiring you to be better.

And when you work with a team with openness – you stay connected, what’s better than that?!

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