Are You a Genuine Person?

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Look what I found! I’m so excited to be recognized in this article titled, 16 Signs You Are A Genuine Person With High Moral Values.  They used a quote from my 11 Laws of Likability book.

“When we come from an authentic, genuine place in ourselves, our efforts to connect with people work to their fullest. Our relationships develop more easily and last longer, and we feel better about the people.”

If it’s a goal of yours to be genuine in every area of your life, this is an article you should take the time to read.  We might not be able to immediately check off every box on the list, but it could give us things to strive for.  It’s a reminder that the little things do matter.  Something as simple as showing someone the respect they deserve is what ultimately makes this world a better place.

Some of my favorites were:

  • Seek justice for everyone
  • Respect everyone
  • Give without expecting anything in return.

There is such a need for these in our society — and call me an optimist —  but I do believe these qualities exist in people more often than not.

When you are out doing your daily activities, making a new connection, or even headed to work, strive to be genuine, authentic, and kind.  You never know where it might lead you – and at the very least – you can go home feeling satisfied that you did your best.

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