Are You Hiding Behind a ‘Work Personality’?

Hi everyone!

When my book first came out, I was so exited to do a radio tour. That was until they told me I was going on The Rude Awakening Show. Really, just the name of the show is intimidating.

My publicist warned me that if these guys don’t like you, they’re going to give you a hard time — and even shared a story with me about a hypnotist that they had raked over the coals.

There wasn’t much I could do to prepare, but I did call in early and listen to the show. Right before me was a guy who was talking about riding a bike in a steel cage. I was so engaged in his interview that I forgot to be nervous when I got on the air. Instead, I blurted out that I never learned how to ride a bike.

They loved that! I told a few jokes at my own expense and ten minutes later it turned into one of my favorite interviews. (Click HERE to listen to it!)

So, why am I telling you about this now? Because I am finding that many of my clients talk about their ‘work personality’. Admittedly, it drives me a little batty. We only have one personality.

When you hide your true self you make it harder for people to connect with you, trust you, and work with you. (Click HERE to Tweet this!)

What would happen if we brought the real us to work? I wrote a blog post about this concept last year. To learn more about my experience as well as some tips on how to make sure to bring your authentic self every day, click HERE​​​​​​​ to read it!

Have you ever seen someone put on their ‘work personality’ before? Have you ever put on your own?

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