Success Shortie: How to Answer Any Question Thrown Your Way.

Hi everyone!

Ever been thrown a question you weren’t prepared for? When I used to teach at NYU we played a game called hardball. The contestant was asked difficult questions by the class. I’ll never forget when they made me the contestant!

In the perfect scenario, you would always have time to prepare for the questions that we are going to be asked. After all, that’s how it used to work: homework, tests, interviews – we more or less have an idea of what we are going to be asked. You study, we memorize, have time to think through and frame our answers so they are exactly what you want them to be.

But then you are out in the real world and questions are asked in the hallway, elevator and when your mind is on something else. Questions you may not have seen coming. Now you need to think on your feet. So how do we handle these questions?

Even if you are not prepared with an answer, you can be prepared with a structure. BLOT is a structure for answering any question in a clear and effective way. Learn more about BLOT in this week’s Success Shortie!

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