Best Low Tech Tip for Connecting

Finally the weather is getting a little better in New Jersey. As a result, we are walking the streets more and just being outside of our houses a little more. I am finding myself seeing more neighbors than ever before.

What’s so cool about it is that in the past, when walking the dog, or taking a run (not me – them), we may glance over and perhaps even wave – but that is where it ended. Not now – and it is awesome!

Because we are all working from home we are missing the water cooler, elevator, and lunch room conversations that feed our need for connection. We are isolated and in this crazy time, making a connection might seem impossible, but as a Connector, you are up to the challenge. Just look at someone else and…smile.

Yup, that’s it. The best low tech tool for connecting. A smile. So simple, yet we may still be hesitant when passing a stranger. Here’s the thing, they don’t have to be a stranger. Especially if they are already a neighbor.

Make the smile genuine. (It even works over the phone…people can hear your smile in your voice!)

Smiling is the universal, unwritten and unspoken way to connect with another person. Smile so you show you are open and ready to chat. Make a connection with another person to show they are not alone. Especially in a time like this. We could all use a smile!

If you are familiar with my book, The Connector’s Advantage, you already know this is one of the best ways to let people know you are not a threat. People who smile are approachable, people who don’t are not. A stoic face can leave you feeling unsettled and unsure where someone’s head is at.

When you scan a room, your subconscious nature picks up signals from faces in the crowd. You are more likely to connect with those who look like they’re in a good mood, return eye contact, and give you signals that they are open to a conversation. So let’s take that to the streets.

This low-tech tip is one of the most powerful that you can use and it extends well beyond networking. If you take the initiative to smile more in your regular day-to-day interactions you will invite conversations, connections, and opportunities that you may have missed. You just may find you feel better too.

Jimmy Fallon started a hashtag – #smile – on his birthday and his challenge was to post a pic of you making someone else smile. It’s gotten thousands and thousands of retweets, shares, likes, and views. Why, because it’s just making someone else happy. Creating that connection. As he says, it doesn’t cost anything. Try it. What’s the worst that can happen? Happy smiling!

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