How Are You Creating Fireworks This Year?

July 4th is just a few days away. Time for a BBQ and fireworks… well, sort of.

Life is reemerging, just differently. Celebrations are resuming, just creatively. That’s what we had to do for my son Noah becoming a bar mitzvah. Last Saturday we held his Zoom mitzvah!

For all the events that are not what you planned, expected, or hoped for – it is time to get creative. Think about what elements are most important to you for the event.  We asked Noah that very question. He said, “It wouldn’t have as much satisfaction if my family wasn’t there.” He also said, “I am disappointed I won’t get to read from the Torah.”

So I got creative. I already put a deposit on the reception hall, so we used their entire ballroom to host 18 people, Noah’s immediate family at 6 separate tables. Then I went online and bought a mini Torah. Not quite the same, but when the temple reopens, Noah will get an opportunity to read from the real thing.

It wasn’t what we planned, but it was so special and incredibly memorable. We even got custom facemasks!

There was a big difference from the party we held for my older son just a year and a half ago

I love to see how creative people are getting with events these days from virtual theme and costume parties to virtual coffee and happy hours, or even parking lot parties where everyone is able to keep their distance outdoors.

I encourage you all to keep celebrating the big and small things happening in your lives. Don’t wait to enjoy and appreciate the moments and people. Think about the most important aspects and celebrate! Make your own fireworks.

Happy 4th and happy all-the-things you are celebrating.

Stay safe and keep virtually connecting.

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