What Is Culture?

Based on your response to last weeks’ newsletter, you are interested in this topic of culture.


You are not alone. I’ve been doing a lot of culture work. I think the pandemic had a huge impact on culture and shifted the culture in many organizations.  I hear questions like, “How do we onboard people to our culture, when they are working remotely?” and “How do we maintain culture when we have so much turnover?”


Between the fully remote times of covid and the return to in office for part of the week, organizations  have lost a lot of the personality of their culture. The goal is to create a more connected culture. Clearly that is something I truly believe in and teach in my trainings.


Recently, I did a program and the gentleman who hired me said he hated the word “culture”. Personally, I think he had that reaction because he didn’t know what it meant. He liked the words, ‘values’ and ‘brand’ and it took a little to convince him that they’re all connected.


We did an activity where we started with our values and understanding what are the values that drive the way in which we behave with each other and the way in which we get work done. That’s what our culture is: your rules of engagement for how you accomplish your work together.


If you want to think about how to shift culture you need to start from the base, which is your shared values and the agreements that you make in your interactions, both internally and externally. Eventually, that will lead to your brand, but that’s a whole other topic.


Think about what kind of culture you want to create and try to make and keep it a connected culture.


I have more to share on my Success Shorty. Let me know what a connected culture means to you.


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