Communication: You’re Always Doing’ It

It is the nuances of a communication that make the difference; the words, the tone, the body language. And here’s the rub, no matter what – you are always communicating. We often communicate the loudest when we say nothing at all. Think about the last time you made a message loud and clear with a look, a facial expression, or a shift in your stance.

I will never forget the roll of my eyes that I regretted the second I did it. Yes, I was bothered by what the woman said, but my reaction was unprofessional. It only took a split second to ruin that relationship.

It is funny that many of the things about communication are things we all know, we just don’t always do. Emotions, personalities, and misperceptions often override our reactions – even though, “we know” what may be a better approach or we know we shouldn’t – we don’t actually listen to that – we do what feels good in the moment.

It has been over a decade since I rolled my eyes at that woman or anyone without thinking first about the impact. Remember, you are always communicating – so make sure it is the message you want people to get. Think long term.

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