Going LIVE Tonight

I hope you have been enjoying the summer weather lately.  Summer is a time of year that I really enjoy. It’s a chance to get outside more, whether it’s to walk the dogs, take a bike ride, or just to get some fresh air. With the flowers blooming, it is a time everyone seems to be in a better mood when the weather is warm and the sun is shining!  I also feel like its a time of year with lots of excitement, new possibilities, and new connections.

One thing I was really excited about was my Livestream discussion with Barry Magliarditi, CEO and Founder of The Game Changers regarding his new #FREEDOMseries.

There has been a big shift happening in the world – in almost every aspect of our society.  There have also been huge changes in the business world. People are finding creative ways to meet the new demands and needs of our society.

Barry Magliarditi knows the importance of entrepreneurs having the resources they need to be successful. That’s why he has created the Freedom Series to help business owners create change in their business and personal life in order to achieve success. Change is something that is inevitable and necessary.

Honestly, I am not a fan of change. I held onto my blackberry for way longer than I should have! Change can often be intimidating, but I seek to view change as a new opportunity to reflect, make improvements, and always to make new connections.

When it comes to change in the business world — it doesn’t have to be complicated — especially if we have the tools we need to thrive.

Stay Healthy and Keep Connecting at a distance!

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