Got a goal, then you need THIS

got a goal

Tell me if this sounds familiar…I gained over ten pounds during Covid.

I know, you may be thinking, “only 10!” But remember, I am only 4’10” and 10 pounds is about 2 clothing sizes on me.

So I was feeling bad about myself. Granted, it’s been a really stressful time for my family, over and above the pandemic. When I wrote this:
  • My son had one B-cell (the type that mounts a response to the covid vaccine). He now has less than 20, but more than 1!
  • My mom wasn’t doing so well, and since I wrote this she passed away. She is now at peace and is no longer in pain.
  • My father wasn’t doing great either, but is now feeling better.
So if I wanted to have a donut one night, it’s understandable! But I had one too many donuts, and put on ten pounds and now I needed to take them off. So I started walking.
While walking, I listen to audio books. Currently, I am listening to Tribes by Seth Godin. The book walks you through what we can learn from tribal societies, and how we achieve more and have a great impact when we come together. Clearly, the concept resonates with me. It is a concept I have applied before, he just explained it in a way that solidified it.
So I realized I needed a tribe to help me stick to my weight loss goal. I told my husband, who also enjoyed a donut or two during Covid. He bought me a Fitbit – which I love! I am motivated by the numbers, the tracking, and all the data. But it wasn’t a tribe.
So I started recruiting – big shock. Starting with my husband, I invited people to walk with me. I have 7 different people I can call on to join me. We set up plans in advance which makes me accountable. I don’t even notice I am exercising since I am just walking and talking with a friend.
We all experience stress and hardship, I am not special. What I realized is it becomes the excuse to sidetrack you from your goals. You give yourself permission because it is a hard time – that’s totally ok to do, for a little – then it’s is time to call on your tribe.
When my mother passed, a lot of cookies showed up at my house – a lot – and my favorite ones too. And I ate them, lots of them. But when a member of my tribe asked what I needed I said, “keep me walking” – and she immediately got time on our calendars to do just that.
So what do you do now? Right now, say your goal out loud. Then think of someone who could be part of your tribe and share the goal with them. That act alone will increase your likelihood of success. Keep connecting with people who support you and give you the tools, accountability, and motivation to accomplish anything.

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