Guess what I am doing now!

“Networking is about knowing more people. Connecting is about knowing people more.” 


I love the nuance of that difference. And that difference is what drives results. I can share example after example of how relationships are at the core of my results. Most recently, it has led me to a new collaboration.


Have you heard of Amy Landino? She is the bestselling author of Good Morning, Good Life, creator of the popular YouTube series AmyTV, and host of her wildly successful podcast, Detail Therapy.


I have known Amy since 2015 when she reached out after hearing me on another podcast. I responded, agreed to be a guest, and we stayed in touch, lost touch, reconnected, and in between, I have been on her show at least 3 times. You can listen to the most recent episode here.


Well, we decided to make it a regular thing. Amy and I decided to create a regular monthly segment called the Connector’s Corner. Anyone can submit questions by sending a DM via Amy’s or my Instagram. We will curate the questions and answer them on air.


If you want to build rewarding and fulfilling connections like these, remember three things:


  1. Connect with the people you like. Look for the click, the spark, the joy they bring to your life. Do you feel energized by the encounter? Do you see potential and interest? Don’t always expect first encounters to be bonding every time. Remember the Law Of Patience: Give it time, things happen. Stay in touch, you never know when and how the connection will evolve.
  2. Find a warm way to reach out. Referrals increase trust by 92%. If you go and meet someone at a conference and you’re in the audience then go and introduce yourself, you had a direct contact to that person. But you didn’t really meet them, know them, or build a relationship with them. Whereas if you met their neighbor or friend, and they say, “Oh, make sure you meet this person.” That connection is going to stand out. Remember the Law of Association: People trust the sources they know best.
  3. Don’t Be Strategic. I get there are specific people who may be able to help you and it is great when you connect with them. But getting to that connection is not always a straight line. Don’t network for need or network for now. Connect with who you want simply because you are enjoying the conversation. You never know who they know. As the relationship deepens, who you want to know will come up organically and now you’ll have a connection to ask from and not just a cold ask.


Whatever you do – just keep connecting! You will be amazed at all the ways these relationships will enhance your world.

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