How Would You Respond?

I did my Get Known, Get Connected, Get Ahead talk for a local SHRM chapter last month. We talked about the relationships that you want and need in your life. To some people’s surprise, I said mentors are just as important as followers. After all, it is hard to lead if no one wants to follow you. Ask yourself…


Are you a leader people want to follow?


Do you have a leader that you would follow? If they changed jobs, would you go with them? One young woman raised her hand, she’s a new manager, and she said she would follow her boss anywhere, and I asked her to tell everyone about him.


She shared many attributes of a Connected Leader, though one story she shared stood out. She talked about a time when things weren’t going well; basically, she messed up. As a result, she lost confidence and didn’t think she could do something.


His response changed everything. He responded as a cheerleader, letting her know that she’ll get through it. He responded as somebody who was there to support and coach rather than berate and belittle.


Think about how the people you’ve interacted with respond to bad news. How would you respond?


The truth is, the way you respond to good or bad news shows the other person how you feel about them and the next step. The best leaders always manage to stay grounded, prioritize the person over the problem, and act accordingly.


Next time you are on either side of that story, pay attention to your reaction, and theirs.


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