How Do You Create Culture?

In this return-to-work hybrid, post pandemic world, organizations have been reaching out about culture. How do we maintain our culture in this hybrid environment? How do we maintain culture as we grow and expand? And the funny thing is that people use the word, but nobody knows how to define the word. I take my definition from my friend Rebecca Friese, author of The Good Culture. Culture is simply how we get our work done together.


When we think about culture, creating one means that we have a core set of values, and everybody lives by those values. But committing them to paper is not enough. People need to reflect on them, believe in them, and embody them in their decision-making, interactions, and communication. Lately, I have been doing a lot of programs taking teams through defining their values, to codify their culture and establish their brand.


What’s exciting is to see how aligned many of my clients are with their values and then helping them redefine what those values really mean to them. They get clear on the actions they are willing to commit to that embody those values. Acting in accordance with our values is what drives a clear and strong brand.


I know, brand is another of those words we throw around that may not have a clear definition. Brand is not font, colors and a logo, though they are associated with your visual brand. To me, your brand is a promise. It is the promise of the experience of working with you, for you, or at your organization.


Do you know your organization’s values? Do you align with them? If you are not sure, find out. Because one of the things I have seen in my coaching is when people are not happy in their job, it may be because they are working outside their values. When your values do not align, it is often not the place for you.


When we are working in alignment that is when we are most engaged, productive and fulfilled. What’s important to you? How can you find that in your work?

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