How Empathetic Are You?

Have you ever thought about how empathetic you are?

I just got an email with this quote:

“Find the person who drives you most crazy. Make a practice to see the world through their eyes, get curious, and maybe be able to see their point of view. Not agree with it, but understand it.”

Not surprisingly, it was from the author of a new book called The Empathy Edge by Maria Ross. Maria has been researching the many business advantages to adopting an empathetic leadership style, culture, and brand. Research, case studies, and interviews with execs and change-makers will give you practical actions you and your organization can take and prove that empathy is not just good for society, it’s great for business.

One of my goals is to be helpful, make you think, give you practical ideas – basically to provide value. I want to make sure that you feel the communication I have with you is authentic, educational and most of all, worth your time every week.

That’s why I am sharing with you Maria’s new book, The Empathy Edge. Her work aligns so closely to my work about relationship based business and connected cultures.

Learn how building an empathetic brand results in happier customers, innovative work cultures, increased profits and most importantly, deeper connections. Maria gives practical tips, big and small, for how to align your mission and values and hire the right people, cultivating a more empathetic and innovative workplace culture.

Cause who doesn’t want work to be a place you look forward to going every day? I know I am trying to have more empathy in all my interactions – even when I am not in the mood! What can you do to be more empathetic?

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