How To Turn Connections Into Revenue

At the core of everything I do, think, and teach is connection.  My business cards now have the title, “Connection Creator.” It took me a while to come up with that moniker– what do you think?

You have heard me say, “Real Relationships Lead to Real Results,” especially if you’ve read The Connector’s Advantage.  There are many reasons I believe in the power of relationships and one critical one is the difference it makes to your business impact and bottom line.

New connections give us great opportunities for partnerships and collaborations. Revenue is around the corner when you have clear vision and the courage to ask.

First, ask yourself.

What are your goals for your business? Who in my network might I be able work with towards those business goals? 

Next, ask THEM!

I was recently interviewed by my long time connection John Corcoran on his show The SMART Business Revolution Podcast. John is awesome and as a former white house speech writer knows how to connect with influencers. That is the content he contributed to my latest book, The Connector’s Advantage.

During the show, I talk about how to produce reciprocity in relationships and how to ask what what you want without being off-putting. You can listen here.

Best of luck! I hope that you’re showered with new opportunities.

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