What Does Being A Connector And A Snowball Have In Common?

Answer: It builds upon itself.

In other words, the more you roll the snowball in the snow, the bigger it gets. Well, that is what connecting is all about… The more you do it, the greater the impact. One connection leads to another and one opportunity leads to another.

That is exactly what just happened to me.

I’ve been a writer for Thrive Global for a little while now. You can check out all of my articles here. I enjoy being part of a community that is seeking to end the stress and burnout epidemic. I am honored to contribute by teaching people how to reduce burnout and stress through connection which not only makes people happier, but has bottom line impact for organizations, too.

Well, my snowball got bigger when I was asked to write a column for Inc.com. My column is now syndicated! I will be writing a weekly original article for Inc.com and if you miss it, not to worry… I will share it in my newsletter, here on the blog, and on Thrive Global a few weeks later. So you can read it on whatever platform you prefer.

I love the snowball effect, with opportunity as well as connections. You make one introduction, and that strengthens a connection, which leads to another…and another… and it keeps going. When you focus on building relationships, instead of “networking” for short term need, your network grows and stays warm (ok that’s where the snowball analogy may fall apart).

Different snow packs easier than others just as different connections form faster. Keep connecting and watch the snowball effect take over in your life.

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